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Plenum minutes


4 april

3 members (mcfly, pim, david)

3 visitors


  • Party
  • New food/drinks batch
  • What else is needed to finish v1 of kitchen + upstairs
  • Use the wiki more often



  • We need to invite more people
  • Get kegs from Kaapse Brouwers (david)
  • Clean beer glasses beforehand (mcfly)
  • Social media + blogpost about the party (david)
  • Contact Keilewerf and inform them about the party (david)
  • Clean + nice decoration (lights, sound) everywhere
  • Possibly make the lights go disco (pim / what's he's name?)
  • Bring deepfryer + fries cutter (david)
  • Fix iZettle

New food/drinks batch:

  • Money (pim/mcfly/david 200-300 pp)
  • Sligro run Thursday (open until 21.00) before the party (mcfly + ???)
  • Call the shop + fix a car + bring back crates + get new drinks (mcfly + possible jim)

What else is needed to finish v1 of kitchen + upstairs:

  • fix water + boiler (daffie + gollem)
  • setup a table for beer brewing + what else is needed to do proper beer brewing (???)
  • fix power supply for the kitchen (??)
  • wait with upstairs, so we know what we want before starting doing shit (nobody does shit)

Use the wiki more often:

  • ok, yes.

2 May

7 members (pim, david, renssies, daffie, daniel, robertalpha, mcfly)

1 visitors (jorden)


  • Kitchen and tools area arrangement: how/who?
  • ANBI update (from David): it's time for a third board member (ANBI requires it)
  • Lights and outlets upstairs


Kitchen and tools area arrangement: how/who?

  • Right now there is a lot of equipment from different owners. If you own something that can't be sorted please move it downstairs in the closet/locker. Otherwise this will be mixed with the other equipment.
  • Wood and materials can be bought at Buurman (isn't that expensive).
  • We should gather some inspiration (bitlair has a nice setup).
  • Empty out the freezer in the kitchen.
  • Let's hang up the closet above the sink.
  • Mcfly: could you check out the dishwasher? We want to hook it up.
  • Throw away the beer keg (it's old)
  • Fix the kitchen sink top, for cooking.
  • David will sort the rest of the kitchen.

Lights and outlets upstairs:

  • Let's remove the cables and lights downstairs and move it upstairs (for ONLY the workbench area).
  • Which cable runs to the switchboard for the roof? Let's figure that out (very soon).

ANBI update: it's time for a third board member (ANBI requires it):

  • We need at least another board member, but preferably even more to get an ANBI status (most other ANBI's have a lot of board members).
  • David will reach out to the Belastingdienst soon, but the latter need to be fixed before.

6 June



Pixelbar Lab

Pad for that:

4 July

permanent topics

  • follow up on previous topics
  • introduction new people and guests
    • Eddie 👋


  • / jim's project recruitment
    • be more open by doing projects together
    • we should change the wiki to make ourselves able to post our projects on the wiki, it's too restrictive
    • we'd like to use the etherpad without an account
  • pixelbar lab - who wants to be in