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CoffeeMod part 1

Status: Finished (and working)

Goal: Making it possible to use the Bravilor B10 coffemaker without a normaly pressured watertap

Little background information:

This coffeemaker is going with us on a group hollydaytrip. We do have plenty of electricity, so powering the 6 Kw coffeemaker is not a problem. But have no running water, so here's the challenge.

First we bought a 100 liter waterbarrel, to have a little water in stock. To get the water out of the barrel into the coffemaker, we had to do a little hacking.

In normal operation the coffeemaker is using a waterinlet which is switched with a regular 220 volt AC. This made hacking it quit easy. We mounted a powercon (neutrik power plug) in the base of the coffeemaker, and connected this in parallel to the waterinlet.

Via the powercon and an ancient modeltrain transformer a 12V DC pump runs inside the barrel.

And thus supplying the coffeemaker with water when needed.

The automatic supply of water, was the first hack that is done to the Bravilor Coffeemaker.

Further down the line, we thought of the idea to measure how much coffee was made during our holiday. This resulted in the Coffeestats V1.0

Coffeestats V1.0

Coffeestats V1.0 was simply meant to measure the amount of Coffee during a event. DMXTech has made a simple webapp, on which one could choose the amount of liters that was made. ( 2,5 Liters, 5 Liters, 7,5 Liters, 10 Liters )

At the end of the event, we had a nice overview of how many coffee we had served.

Coffeestats V2.0 and the Coffeemod

Coffeestats V2.0 was a complete re-engineering of the original Coffeestats project. We had a coffeemaker and we had some basic Arduino skills. Since we are all creative persons, specialized on different techniques we found that the engineering idea was made by Miep, The first test runs where done by Miep and DMXTech, and the print design was completely made by DMXTech.

While The print was in place, Miep redesigned the controller software multiple times. Since our enthousiastic mind brought us to more functions and function requests

The current functions in the Arduino are as follows :

- Selecting what kind of purpose the Coffeemaker is used for ( Coffee, Tea, Hot Water of even Dishwater )

- Interfacing with the Bravilor to slave-select the amount of Liters.

- Showing stupid texts at random

- While booting, a nice bootloader scrolls by telling you who made the machine

- Mysql interfacing, on which we store the selected value's ( storing these value's make it more easily to generate stats )

- Beeing just totally awesome!

CoffeeMod part 2

Status: in progress

Goal: Collecting statistics via Arduino

More info in progress.........


CoffeeMod part 3

This is the part where we reveal our Arduino sketch.

It has been Open Sourced on :