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The plan

Because of mess in the hackerspace and a general consensus that we need to be more organized, we want to organize a meeting to discuss the issues and come up with potential solutions.

If you have topics to discuss please add it to the agenda. If you have suggestions, add a header at the bottom with the same name as the agenda point, and write a short suggestion.

This discussion will happen on August 27nd 2017.


  • Storage
  • Cash register
  • Second floor cleaning/ordering
  • Project organization
  • Door control
  • Milliways storage
  • Kitchen (fix supply/waste water)


Because of all the items in the space we want to make an organized storage system. Storage units will be labeled with the following items:

  • Person name
  • Project name
  • Expire date

After the expire date (today + 4 months) we will have a small chat with the person. The person should be easily able to extend the date.

It might make sense to buy these things for upstairs this Sunday too:

Cash register

Requested features:

  • Being able to send and receive money through slack/IRC
  • Sell more stuff like small electronic components
  • Pay with cash without an account

Project organization

We want to have 2+ people that are aware of the major projects going on in the space. This way we have several people that are aware of what is going on in case other people are interested or willing to help. The project organizers are not responsible for the projects themselves, just for making sure people can get the right information.