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In 2018 Someone donated their HTC Vive VR headset to the space, in addition to that we also have (or used to have) a oculus rift DK1.

This prompted us to make a VR/Gaming setup for the space.

This project was finished in February 2019 with a PC that can be used for gaming, VR and other programming in the space.

Login Details


  • Username: Pixelbar
  • Password: ROTTERDAM (all caps)



Available apps/Games

✝︎The viveport subscription might have ended

PC Specs

Intel Core i5-4590
16GB DDR3 1333Mhz
Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB
1TB Hard drive
Windows 10 Pro


Steps Required

  • Get or print mounts for the HTC vive base stations
  • Install the HTC Vive base stations upstairs
  • Get a PC or PC parts
  • Install windows and steam VR
  • Calibrate Vive
  • Create Pixelbar Steam Account
  • Install some audio
  • Add a screen or TV to the setup to share VR experiences with others


  • HTC Vive: Unknown
  • PC Case, HDD and SSD: McFly
  • Graphics Card: User:Trangar

Future upgrades

  • Install leap motion of HTC Vive for next level immersion
  • Gather donatiions and add the HTC Vive wireless adapter if VR is used often
  • Get valve knuckles...