Events:2017:Factorio LAN party

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Because people are starting to get addicted to a game called Factorio we've decided to make regular factorio LAN parties.

The plan is to start on saturday around noon. We will set up a LAN network and people are able to join. We will set up 2 multiplayer maps; one for people who are familiar with the game and one for people who are new to the game. People are free to start their own maps as well. If people want to play over night and/or sleep at the space they will have to bring their own sleeping utensils. The LAN party will officially be over on sunday around 2 PM, but people are free to stay longer.

If you are unsure if you would be interested in Factorio, you can download a demo here. We at the pixelbar are not responsible for any missed events or negative impact on your life which are caused by the time warping effect that this game might have on you.