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= Pixelbar keys=
= Pixelbar keys=
* Mc.Fly
* Miep (thinks he has one)
* Miep (thinks he has one)

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Key users

Pixelbar uses Infra:Doorduino these days. This means that members receive an iButton with which they can open the outer door(Right next to the loading dock) and the hackerspace themselves.

As a backup there are normal keys, they are only to be used in worst case scenario's. The keys reside with the following people:

Keilewerf keys

  • David
  •  ??
  •  ??

Pixelbar keys

  • Mc.Fly
  • Miep (thinks he has one)

    • If you don't have a Pixelbar key, please contact David / Noegip
  • Other people?