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Grilling like a hacker. With some extra iron coating flavor.

First Step: Ready to Grill!

What are we going to do?

Last meeting we discussed the possibility of having a BBQ again. This will be the first step in our roadmap which adapt to the 'Stappenplan Rijksoverheid' from the government. Ready to grill?

If all goes well, the BBQ will take place on the 22th of May. Due to restrictions, we can only invite members of our 'association' at this time, sorry.

What you need to know.

As mentioned in our latest meeting, we would like to organize a BBQ now regulations have relaxed a little. COVID is not over, so we will maintain a few unregular rules for participating in this BBQ. We think it would be a good thing to:

  • Have one chef that prepares the food and hands it out in a designated area. This chef will earn himself a crate of (free) mate. Noegip has the honor to decide if we get food poisoning, or not;
  • Make an estimate based on the number of registrants because €€€. Eddie is our €€€ guy which will calculate an entry-fee if needed. Also, eddie will take care of providing gas for the BBQ. Eddie is a really nice guy;
  • Get groceries somewhere, because we need food right?
  • Invite one or two people a little earlier for setting up space outside. So other members do not have to drag stuff and move around, therefore create unecessery contact (Position Open) (1/2 pp);
  • Get home early, and keep a 1,5 meter distance to other members when participating;
  • Make use of hygiene products that will be provided;
  • Obviously not attend when you have >symptons.<

How is this organized?

The meeting will take place between 15:30 - 21:30 and will only be available to registrants. We will also have an EOL-Mate donation session starting at around 17:00, where you are able to acquire our one and only legacy Mate for a fair price!

People who make this BBQ really possible are:

Open Roles Applicant
Shopper 1 DiverAlpha
Shopper 2 & DJ TuCje
Preperations 1 gbrito
Preperations 2 & Chef noegip
Beer, Bread & Meat & Tent & cookingroffa
Gastankman coldlip


→ What can i bring? 🛍️

  • Please bring a facemask. In case of rain, we'll move the BBQ into the hall. Would be nice if you could join us there! Hall has a roof, so facemask is still mandatory;
  • Feel free to bring a good beer or a great bottle of (intoxicating) fluids and turn them in @ the chef (for hygiene and storage).

→ What about contributing to the BBQ? 💰

  • We will share the total costs between paricipants. This includes, gas (for the BBQ), food and comforting drinks;
  • People are paying the costs in advance, so be kind and try to pay as soon as possible;
  • If because if unforeseen financial circumstances, you are not able to contribute to the BBQ, please message @coldlip and we'll work something out.

→ I have a certain diet (vegan keto etc.) 🥘

  • Please let us know ASAP. If we can get something which fits your diet, we will make this possible!

→ Can i bring someone with me? 👋

  • Due to the national restrictions, we cannot allow people to participate without registering beforehand.

→ I still have questions, pls halp. 🤔

  • Please message @coldlip AND on our Discord-server. This is the fastest solution to your problem.

List of attendees