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This page lists all projects we're working on at PixelbarNL. Feel free to edit this page to include idea's.

Active projects

Active projects we're working on.

Title State Tagline Description Members
Matrixdisplay Preparation Pim + Dennus
Building the hackerspace Production everyone
Open dag hackerspaces 25 maart everyone

Upcoming projects

Upcoming projects and idea's we're likely to be working on in the near future. Or not.

Title State Tagline Description Members
IP based door bell autumn 2012 Let me known when some one is at the door via IP Capturing my hardware doorbell (with lever) to control other noise sources like IP phones to sound when someone is at the door DMXtech
27MC Voip Interface 2012 27MC to Voip audio Interface Try to make a communication system, Between a 27MC Tranciever, and an Asterisk Voip Server Miep
IR-controlled Door May 2012 Open door with IR! Let somebody call in and answer/open door using IR remote Dennus

Finished and Used projects

Finished projects, and projects we are really using will be here for reference material.

Title State Tagline Description Members
XCP server on Intel NUC Production Running a virtualisation server on Intel NUC DMXtech
Fail button No description yet Dennus, Boemlauw, Miep, DMXtech
CoffeeMod Working Mod of a Bravilor B10 coffemaker DMXtech, Miep, Dennus, Boemlauw
Infrared Controlled XBMC Working Control XBMC with an IR Remote Miep
Minecraft Seats Finished Sit, like a Minecrafter does! Miep, Dennus, Boemlauw
APC Masterswitch - hack Working Controlhack of a APC masterswitch DMXtech, Miep
Doorphone Mod  ??? Modify an Door-telephone Miep
Arduino Controlled Office  ??? Mod an office to be controlled by Arduino Miep, Dennus, Boemlauw, DMXtech
PiXeLBar New Year's LAN December 2012 / Januari 2013 Make fun, Share knowledge Spend four days of fun with a lot of friends of PiXeLBar Dennus,Boemlauw
Wiki Finished March 2012 The wiki you are reading this on. Miep
Paste Script Finished 15 April 2012 This script makes it possible to share text, scripts of like anything you want with eachother Miep
Wiki CSS - hack Finished 15 April 2012 Custom Css Creating Custom CSS layouts for out projects Miep, Dennus
Arduino based door bell Finished October 2012 Giving me a remote poke when someone rings the doorbel I want to know who is at the door, when not at home. Since i live in a sort of criminal neigbourhood Miep
Bakelite VOIP Phone Finished 2013 An awesome old phone, connected to Asterisk Miep, Dennus, Boemlauw, DMXtech

Retired projects

Retired projects, We all have them, projects you fullfil.. but in the end you won't be using. Ah well, they remain visible here for reference material.

Title State Tagline Description Members
Mikrotikmusic Finished Februari 2012 MIkrotik Music Let a MT Router make some nice tunes Miep