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The board of Pixelbar consists of 5 members of the Hackerspace.

  • (Chairman)
  • Eddie (Treasurer)
  • Nosfaratuss (Secretary)
  • Miep (General Board Member)
  • TuCje (General Board Member)


In 2015, David and Miep officially started Pixelbar at the notary and chambre of commerce. The hackerspace found his home in the Keilewerf the same year and a small group of members formed. Late 2018 and beginning of 2019 discussions were held, and it was decided to find more boardmembers. Meanwhile the space was already moved inside the Keilewerf and lots of members were added to Pixelbar.

From 2019 the board now consists of 5 members, as it should, the primary roles are shifted. Miep, previously Treasurer and Secretary, now became a normal boardmember and Eddie and Tim took over the roles of Treasurer and Secretary.

At the end of 2020 Tim has stepped back from the board. Miep is taking the secretary position at the moment. He would like to be able to leave the board by the end of 2021 to do more projects and less bureaucracy.

Current Status

Currently the board is working on a restructurisation which will help Pixelbar get out of the Covid-19 pandemic even better than before. This involves, making the hackerspace a safe and welcoming place to be at. In order to have some new idea's and fresh views there is now a workgroup "new board" which has the purpose of defining the new board, while respecting everyones whishes.

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