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Infosec friday

From pixelbar we want to have a frequent meeting at pixelbar for the infosec interested. The idea is one peeting per month with talks and actually organized, the other meetings as gathering at pixelbar. If someone has a topic to bring up and the others would like to hear - spontanious talks are welcome.

first meet after corona

We'll have a first meeting at June 18th outside at the Keilewerf with Beer and BBQ. We'll see how we go from there.


You want to come? Please let us know. Either on irc, in the discord - infosec channel, tweet or dm to @pixelbar010 or if you have a pixelbar account add yourself here:

  2. coldlip
  3. michel (80%)
  4. caveman
  5. daffie
  6. gbrito
  7. RK9
  8. ssdemx
  9. wrl
  10. LYg
  11. Laurens
  12. David
  13. Lautie
  14. Thierry
  15. BurakZRzepina
  16. TuCje

Getting there

Map of getting to pixelbar.png