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Woodworking at pixelbar

We'd like to start a woodworking group. To do so we'd need to develop a plan

Woodwork place

to be build

Tool collection

The collection of electric hand tools that we have in the space

Battery power drill

Bosch GSB 18-2-LI Plus
  • Bosch 18V battery + charger
  • owner:
  • usage: can be used by everyone in the space
Bosch green
  • owner: milliways
  • usage: can be used by everyone in the space
  • status: rather dead


Bosch PST700E
  • owner: Daffie
  • usage: can be used by everyone in the space
Black & Decker KS900s
  • UK plug (TODO: change to european)
  • owner: milliways
  • usage: can be used by everyone in the space

hand circular saw

Worx WX424
  • UK plug (TODO: change to european)
  • owner: milliways
  • blade: 76 x 10 x 1.2 mm
  • usage: can be used by everyone in the space
Bosch GKS 190
  • owner:
  • Blade type: 190 x 30 x 2,0 mm
  • usage: can be used by everyone in the space


Bosch POF1400ACE
  • owner:
  • 8mm router bits
  • a wood box with router bits also at the space
  • usage: DANGEROUS TOOL - can be used by everyone in the space if you know what you are doing


Skill 7210
  • Sanding paper: square: 185x93 hook%loop
  • Sanding paper: delta: 93mm hook%loop
  • Sanding paper: both: 244x93 hook%loop
  • owner: Daffie


Bosch PHO 15-82
  • owner: daffie?


status: Planning

  • project
  • status planning

this one station should contains 2 tools

Circular saw's Bosch GTS635-216

Router table

a router table for the green bosch router in the hackerspace.

Ideally also a drawer for the router bits.

new Workbench

statis planning

  • project
  • status planning

A classical woodworking workbench with 19 mm holes, 2 vises, 4cm thick desk plate and a stable frame. Build in softwood for price reasons.

French front vice and maybe a rear vice.

Dust cleaning

status: being build, 80% done

  • project
  • status building

Build a dust cleaning station with a cyclon dust seperator. This should all fit on a wood board with rolls.


Shopping list

  • wooden board
  • 4 rolls, at least 2 with breaks, 360 degree


  • [X] aquire parts
  • [X] Bucket
  • [X] vacuum cleaners from einhell
  • [X] cyclone
  • [X] print adapters and mountplate
  • [X] test big hose fitment
  • [X] make big-hose-to-bosch adapter
  • [X] make cyclone to hose adapter
  • [X] assemble dust cleaning station
  • [X] aquire rolls for frame
  • [ ] improve air tightness
  • [ ] build base and attach bucket and cleaners

Project rules

Woodworking tools are dangerous. we'll need rules. To work with the woodworking tools you will have to follow those rules.

Safety fist

Safety comes first - always. work safe. don't cut your fingers off.

Use tools from others with respect and permission

You break it you buy it

Clean your workspace up

Project ideas

The woodwork place

this is a circular loop.

Benches for outside

we'd like to build some sitting benches for the outside. This is mostly to have nice places to sit but also to train the woodworking itself.

The plan for the benches is based on which has at home.

Changes will be to make it a bit higher and 2.50 wide with a middle plate. Maybe some further modificatins.

Wood can come from here:

Adirondack chair

Adam would like to build an adirondack chair, would also like to have one.

Links to plans can now go here...

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yes, seriously.

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