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Welcome on the Wiki of hackerspace #Pixelbar!

We are working on the content at this moment. Please visit us later...

Simple Q&A

Q : Y u no join other "Hackerspace" ?

A : Seriously i dont know. Might be because we are with a group of people who happen to know eachother very well. Though I can tell you.. [Bitlair] was the main reason for us, to call ourself a "Hackerspace".

Q : Where are the members located ?

A : As said before, Some of us come from the area of Breda, some of us come from around Rotterdam. And yes we also have some enthousiastic people located in the north of the Netherlands.

Q : Where do you guys even meet ?

A : One of the key advantages of beeing an "Roaming" "Hackerspace" is that we have no fixed location whatsoever.... Thought.. want to meet with us ? Watch this wiki, we might just want to tell you where we are from time to time.

Q : Where do you guys know eachother from ?

A : Well,.. still rememeber these "LAN" Parties where allsort of people came by just to play games, enjoy a nice meal together around the campfire or even did some weird experiments with allsort of things because doing this at home would cause you to lose your house.. Well these events still happen and that's exactly where most of us met!

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