Trading Rules

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Rules for borrowing LEGO sets in the Pixelbar

When you borrow a LEGO set from the Pixelbar you automatically consent with these rules.

Current administrator: DiverAlpha

Borrowing a set

1. Members of the Pixelbar can borrow a set, please contact the administrator via Discord in a private message. After a positive reply from the administrator you can take the set.

2. When a set is already borrowed by another member, please ask the administrator to put your handle in the cue. When the set is returned, the administrator will contact you that the set is available.

3. Your Discord handle will be put in this document that you have taken the set with you so the set can be tracked.

4. After the administrator sees that the set is brought back, your handle will be removed

5. Please return the set with all brick included and separated in bags as you got them when you took the set with you. The bricks are in separated bags according the bags as mentioned in the instructions.

6. When the administrator want to contact you, at first it will be via Discord. When a response does not come, the administrator is allowed to ask the board of Pixelbar for more contact details of the member who has borrowed the set to get in contact.

7. If you find parts are missing, please notify the administrator. The parts will be bought and added to the set so other people can enjoy building the set also

Sharing a set

7. When you want to add your set to the stash you are a hero! Please contact the administrator, your set will be bespoken and added to the list. At all times, you will stay the owner of the set.

8. The original building-instructions are not mandatory.

9. When you want to remove your set from the borrowing program, please contact the administrator. If the set is borrowed by another member, it will be asked back by the administrator. As soon as the set is brought back, you will be notified by the administrator.

Tips & Tricks

- For digital building-instructions you can use the LEGO Builders app on Android and iOs