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Welcome to the Pixelbar Wiki.

To get an account here, talk to the board.


Pixelbar is the hacker space of Rotterdam and surroundings.

A hacker space is a physical space in which both hackers and those interested in science, technology, or digital art (and many other areas) can meet and exchange ideas. At Pixelbar there is the opportunity to work together, and of course there is also the space to work independently on a project. While a hacker space is not a maker space, we do have a few facilities available.

Here we collect these projects and document our rules.

LEGO Trading Post[edit]

At Pixelbar we have a LEGO Trading Post. If you become a member you can borrow a LEGO set which is available and enjoy building it when you are back home, or of course, when you are at the space. Have a look at the page.

Getting started[edit]