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The Pixelbar Hackerspace will have to move to a new location, This location will be bigger than the current one ( +- 15m2 vs 75m2 ground size ). In the new space there are some things that need to be done, some wishes that should be fulfilled and a lot of construction to do, since we are working with an empty space.

The Great Meeting

Last week, 17 Februari 2016 we had a meeting with some of our members about the new space. We have discussed the minimal requirements for the new space, the nice to haves and the area's we would like to have in the space.

The information about this meeting is available on : [Github]


Current status:

Category What When Who
Phase 1 Preparation Basic ideas DONE Involved
Contact mezzanine companies DONE Davz0rs
Foundation Contact chosen mezzanine company DONE Miep
Measure DONE External
Place mezzanine DONE External
Mezzanine ready DONE External
Decide, decide, decide Make decisions about lighting DONE Board with support of participants
Spacestate DONE Start using WiFi Spacestate button.
Moving of stuff Move stuff onto mezzanine DONE all
Main power feed Install main power feed + switchboard DONE High Prio
Basic lighting Add basic lights beneath mezzanine DONE Miep
Phase 2 Ground floor Decide on construction DONE External advisor
Buy materials DONE tbd
Build floor DONE tbd
Install circuitry in floor DONE tbd
Walls Buy material for walls DONE tbd
Place ground floor walls DONE tbd
Install circuitry in walls DONE Miep
Close/finish ground floor walls DONE tbd
Create 2nd floor walls/frames DONE tbd
Place 2nd floor walls 80% tbd
Doors Build front door DONE Miep, Pim
Place front door DONE miep
Place big door DONE miep,tucje
Place locks DONE Locks in place
Place doorbell on outside tbd tbd
Circuitry Buy materials 50% Miep
Network (check for sponsors) 70% Miep
Power (check for sponsors) tbd tbd
Internet connection DONE Miep
Phase 3 Paint Decide on paint tbd all
Buy materials tbd tbd
Kitchen Decide on kitchen materials tbd tbd
Buy kitchen materials tbd tbd
Server rack/closet Build server closet 80% tbd
Get serverrack from Nifhack DONE Miep
Install serverrack DONE tbd
Phase 4 Fuhrniture Decide on fuhrerniture DONE all
Buy couches DONE tbd
Buy stools/chairs DONE tbd
Decoration Decide on art on front tbd tbd
Paint door/front tbd tbd
Steampunk door/front tbd sil
Phase 5 Opening Decide on date tbd tbd
Invite people/hackerspaces tbd tbd
Prepare roadmap tbd tbd
Parteh tbd tbd


Floor plan.pdf

Drawing scan.pdf


What we need so far