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We want a secure and safe hackerspace... And with all the ongoing Corona stuff we might want to make minor changes to our space.

After a short question on our chat, a request was made to channelize all information into a page on our Wiki. Therefor, this is that page :)


As you all might know, we’re discussing how pixelbar can “open” again
one of the “issues” is, we only have 2 area’s (as in, separated either by walls or by a floor)
would it be an idea to (temporary) divide the space in maybe some more areas ?
so, maybe make separation walls(temporary) to create more confined areas
i want your opinions and ideas


  • Cleanup the hackerspace.
  • Make Pixelbar members only.
  • Have a 2m separation between persons.
  • One person per table.
  • Close the kitchen.
  • More ventilation.
  • Get bottles of desinfectant (or isopropyl alcohol) and make them available to spray everything.
  • Max number of attendees.
  • Make a personal toilet in the serverroom. (this was not favoured by a lot of people)
  • Traffic lights for toilet status.
  • Make an online? floorplan to show how traffic should be and to plan ahead.
  • Hire a dixie as a toilet for pixelbar.
  • Clean hands before any toilet visit, desinfect/clean the toilet, do your business and after that, clean everything again (and wash your hands).
  • Remove seating spots from the pathways.
  • Work with timeslots which can be reserved.

Floor plan


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