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PixelBar is not trying to be a maker space - we focus on collaboration and exchange of knowledge over tools. That said, we do have some tools available, although we've lost quite a bit during the 2023 fire.

3d printers[edit]

Type / name Features Status Owner
Ender operational
Bambu Lab A1 0.4mm nozzle, AMS Lite for multicolor operational renssies

Other CAM-tools[edit]

Description Features Owner How to use
Laser engraver 180mmx240mm, 4w led laser, focus axis, GRLB Ondergetekende Contact ondergetekende
Laser engraver 500mmx700mm, 10w led laser, GRBL Ondergetekende Contact ondergetekende

Electronics tools[edit]

Description Features Owner How to use
ZD-8925 desoldering station PixelBar go ahead!
ZD-8936 soldering station PixelBar go ahead!